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I offer a wide array of services based on the unique needs of every student. Below are descriptions of some of my most frequently requested services; however, I work closely with students and families to identify the services best suited for them. All services are available for elementary through college-aged students.


Psychoeducational Evaluation

If you think your child may have a learning disability, Autism, Intellectual Disability, ADHD, or any other challenges that are impacting them in school, a psychoeducational evaluation can provide you with helpful information about your child's functioning. Testing can examine areas including academics, cognitive capabilities (AKA "IQ"), executive functioning skills, social and emotional functioning, and more. The goal of testing is not only to help you better understand the reason a student is struggling, but to identify strategies to help your student thrive. Therefore, a major focus in my work is to provide you with concrete strategies your family and your student's school can do to help support growth. Families will receive a written report summarizing testing findings and recommendations. After testing is complete, I also meet with students and their families to discuss my findings and answer any questions you have have. 


IQ Testing

Some families seek IQ testing services as part of the private school application process or for determination of gifted and talented services. IQ testing includes a written summary of findings and a feedback session to discuss results. 

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Report Review

Evaluation reports and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) can be dense, full of jargon, and hard to understand. I can go over these documents or any other related school records with families to ensure clarity and understanding. Families will also receive a one-pager highlighting the key take-aways from these documents.

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Virtual Executive Function Coaching

Many students, especially those with ADHD, may struggle with skills like time management, organization, and planning. These skills are some examples of what are called "executive functioning skills". Executive functioning skills are the skills that help us reach long-term goals. We know that these skills are crucial for academic and career success and are becoming increasingly vital in the transition to virtual learning. Luckily, with additional supports and practice, students can improve in these skills. I offer virtual individual or small group coaching with students as well as consultation with parents to help them address these skills at home. 

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I provide individual counseling for school-aged students experiencing a variety of difficulties including academic challenges, anxiety, depression, high functioning Autism, or trauma-related symptoms.


Social Skills Training

Social skills come more easily for some students than others. Some students, including those diagnosed with Autism, are more likely to struggle in initiating conversations, engaging with peers, and making and keeping friends. Through individual or small group social skills training, I am able to teach these skills to students and give them specific tasks to work on to practice these skills outside of our meetings together.

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Presentations & Trainings

I am available for presentations and trainings in the following topics:

  • Executive functioning assessment and intervention

  • Trauma-informed care

  • Cognitive, academic, or behavioral assessment

  • Adolescent development

  • Multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS), response to intervention (RTI), and school-wide positive behavior supports (SW-PBIS)

  • Suicide risk assessment and mandated reporting

  • Positive behavioral supports

  • Special education process and timelines

  • ADHD, Autism, or Learning Disabilities

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As a state- and nationally-certified School Psychologist and Pennsylvania licensed Psychologist, I provide supervision and mentorship to early career psychologists, school psychologists, and counselors seeking certification or licensure supervision hours.

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