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Why Parents Should Encourage Students to Play Outside This Summer

Tomorrow is August 1st. For anyone who operates on an academic calendar, turning to the next page of a calendar page also means preparing for the start of the upcoming school year. With less than a month of summer remaining, now is the time to be strategic about how to spend what time is left of summer.

According to some child development experts, that time should be spent playing. An article published by Upworthy last month examines some of the many benefits children receive by spending time playing outside. Some of these advantages include improvements in concentration, mood, emotional intelligence, creativity, health, and more.

When children’s summers are over-scheduled, they may miss out on the opportunity to just be a kid and play. Similarly, children without structured activities all summer may get into the habit of staying inside instead of going outside to play. So parents, whenever your children complain of boredom this summer, encourage them to find somewhere safe to play outside!

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